29 December 2015

They are every bit as good as they look

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"This week I present two of my best nieces—Johanna and Katie Horgan. I am sure you will all agree with me that they look good, but I can assure you that they are every bit as good as they look. I will not say more, or I may be thought to be flattering."

So wrote "Aunt Eily" (Mrs A.M. Ryan) the editor of the Children's Page in "The Southern Cross" newspaper of 24 April 1903.(1) She addressed any contributors to the page as nieces and nephews even though they were not blood relations. By 1898 Johanna's and Katie's mother, Hanora, had taken out a subscription (2) to this Catholic weekly paper. As regular readers these young women would probably have been contributors to the orphans' home established at Goodwood as funds were regularly sought for the orphanage through "Aunt Eily's" page. Perhaps Johanna and Katie had visited Mrs Ryan's Catholic Book and Art Depot in Gawler Place in Adelaide, as in this picture they are certainly older than the children writing letters to the page.

Johanna Horgan pictured on the left was born to Hanora (O'Leary) and John Horgan at Linwood in South Australia about 1877. It appears she was named after her grandmother Johanna (Fitzgerald) Horgan who was about 72 when she was born. Her father John, aged 48 died in 1883 only three years after her grandmother who died in 1880. 

Catherine Mary Horgan, known as Katie here or in later years as Kate, had been born five years earlier in about 1872. It is likely that she was named after her maternal grandmother, Catherine (Burke) O'Leary who had died the previous year, 1871.

 At the time this picture (3) appeared in the paper they were respectively about 26 and 31 years old. These were two of my grandfather Andrew Horgan's three sisters. Their younger sister Nora Mary Horgan born 1878, had by 1898 been appointed to teach at Alma North school. (4)

Little is reported of their early lives but it is highly likely they attended social gatherings such as this 1895 New Year's day picnic at Tarlee where two of their brothers, John and Andrew, are mentioned as having success in various competitions. (5)
Although the attendance at the Tarlee picnic was not up to that of last year the affair passed off very successfully. There were about 400 on the ground, and entries for every race were numerous, especially for the Sheffield handicap, which caused much excitement, D. Treagus winning with B. O'Halleron second and K. G. Jakes third. The weather was rather warm, and those who had not the luxury of umbrellas felt the heat of the sun's rays rather much. However, this was not minded, as there was plenty of amusement to repay those who attended. The New Year's Gift was a very good race, and led to an exciting finish. The secretary (Mr. J. Mclnherney) worked very hard and deserves praise for looking after the interest of the picnic as he did. Messrs. B. Fitzgerald and John Bond were judges of the athletic sports, and Mr. J. C.
Nadebaum starter. Mr. F. Norton acted as judge of the horse-racing.
In the evening a concert was held in the Institute, which also passed off well. Mr. J. McLachlan, M.P., presided, and the following ladies and gentlemen assisted:—Misses L. Carrigg, Elizabeth Molony, Ryan (2), Mrs. Rodda, Messrs. J. Rooney, J. Brooks, J. Rodda and W. Daly. Encores were the order of the evening, Misses Carrigg and Molony being specially well received. 
Below are particulars of the sports:—
75 yards handicap boys' race (uuder 12)— A. Davis; F. O'Dea.
Sheffield handicap (135 -yards) — D. Treagus ; B. O'Halleron; R. Jakes; G.Davies.
100 yards handicap boys' race (under 15) —C. O'Halleron; F. Nabebaum.
Running high jump (handicap)—M. Dermody; J. Horgan; W. Daly.
Obstacle race—W. Daly; A. Gasmier; M. Shea.
150 yards handicap hurdles—A. Gasmier; C. Nicholls; M. Dermody.
135 yards consolation race (handicap)— A. Buxton; C. Nicholls.
Forced handicap (150 yards)—A. Gasmier; W. Daly.
Tilting—P. Keeling; J. Overton; J. Horgan.
Race with polo balls—B. Fitzgerald; A. Horgan.
Bicycle race (1½ miles)—M. Wilson; G. Davis.
New Year's Gift, 1 mile (handicap)—M. O'Dea's "St. Helena"; D. ' Treagus's
" Stinkwort."
Maiden trot (1½ miles)—F, Williams's "Major Gordon"; H. Evans's "Daisy
Shorts, half-mile heats without dismounting (for horses that had never won an advertised race)—A. Woods's "O.V.G."; B. Smith's " Little Dick."
Handicap trot (2½ miles) — A. Woods's " Darky"; F. Williams's *' Nimrod"
Hack race, ¾ mile (for horses that had never won an stake of more than £5, winner of New Year's Gift also excluded) to carry not less than 8 stone—D. Treagus's " Stinkwort"; J. Callanan's " Brownie."
Pony race, ¾ mile (for ponies not over 14 hands)—C. Nicholls's " Fairy"; J. Cleary's " Typo."
Quoits (18 yards)—J. Horgan; J. Douoghue; P. Byrne.
Irish Jig—W. Daly ; P. Byrne.
Tug-of-war (6 men aside)—J. O'Shea's team; J. Buckley's team.
Tossing the caber—A. Schwerdt; J. O'Shea.
Putting the shot, 28 lbs. (handicap)—A. Schwerdt; M. Hansbury.
Bowling contest—E; Hall; J. Donoghue.
In 1909 their younger sister, Nora Mary Horgan was married to John McInerney and in 1918 we find a mention of one of her sisters, either Kate or Johanna, in this accident report while driving nephews, Nora's sons to school. (6)

RIVERTON, May 29.- Miss Horgan was yesterday driving Mr. Mclnerney's two children to school, and on the way the party in the sulky was augmented by two of Mrs. F. Mitchell's little girls. Shortly afterwards something went wrong with the front of the vehicle. Miss Horgan stood up to see what was wrong, and at that moment the shaft fell to the ground. Miss Horgan and one of her nephews were thrown out. The horse then bolted and threw the other children out, and finally collided with a tree. The sulky was smashed to pieces. The horse continued its career and was ultimately captured in Mr. A. Hannaford's paddock. Mr. H. Evans hurried to the scene of the accident, and found that one of Mrs. Mitchell's girls was unconscious. He went for Dr. Glynn, who removed the child to his private hospital. There it was discovered that she was suffering from a fractured skull. The other Miss Mitchell was found to have sustained a broken collarbone. None of the other occupants of the vehicle were hurt. Both patients are progressing favourably.
Johanna Horgan tombstone 
On August 26, 1926 Johanna died (7) after a long illness. She was 49. She was buried at St John's cemetery at Kapunda the following day. This obituary from "The Register" (8) records something of her life.
Miss Johanna Horgan, second daughter of Mrs. H. Horgan, Linwood, and the late Mr. J. Horgan, who died recently at her mother's residence (writes our Stockport correspondent) was most deservedly popular, with all with whom she came in contact. She had an ever ready smile of friendship, and although her illness was painfully weary and of long duration, she bore all suffering with marvellous fortitude. 
She was a devoted member and worshipper at the Roman Catholic Church, at Tarlee, and St. Mary's Church, Hamley Bridge. Much sympathy is felt throughout the whole district for the aged mother, and her sisters, Miss Kate Horgan (Linwood), Mrs. J. McInerney (Riverton), and her brothers, Messrs. Andy Horgan (Alma), and Thomas and John Horgan (Linwood).

Catherine Mary Horgan died on June 4, 1956 and is buried alongside her brothers Thomas (died 1941) and John (died 1942) in Kapunda Catholic cemetery, South Australia.
Nora Mary (Horgan) McInerney died on May 3, 1974 and is buried in Navan, Riverton Catholic cemetery, South Australia.

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