10 January 2022

Family update 2022

My Parents' 76 Descendants

The birth of a great-nephew (son of a nephew) Finn James C. last week has prompted me to do a recount of my parents' descendants.

Edward John Horgan and Hannah Olive O'Dea married on 6 April 1937. 
  • 1st generation - 7 children, 6 females and 1 male all of whom married and had children. Current age range 71 - 83 , a twelve year spread
  • 2nd generation - 27 grandchildren, 15 females and 12 males, current age range 36 -55, a nineteen-year spread, 20 of these grandchildren have had children
  • 3rd generation - 42 gt-grandchildren, 20 females and 22 males, current age range 5 days to 26 yrs., a twenty-six year spread.

Geographical distribution

South Australia    62
Queensland    6
Northern Territory    5
New South Wales    1
England    2

Interesting to note the second-eldest grandchild, the first male grandchild, was born on January 5th and the newest gt-grandchild, a male, number 76 in the descendants' list was born last week on January 5th. 
Those born since my February 2016 update, Lena 2016, Jacob 2017, Hannah 2017, Hugo 2018, Ned 2019, Finn 2022.

As yet none of the 42 gt grandchildren have either married or had children.

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12 December 2021

The lot of the spinster

Great Aunt Kate

The term spinster was used from the 14th century to denote a woman who used a handheld spindle to spin linen or wool. By the 17th century, it had become a legal term denoting an unmarried woman and it is this legal use of the term found in property transfers of the 20th century.
Clip from Certificate of Title, SA Land register Vol 1164, folio 75

Catherine Mary Horgan, a paternal great aunt was named as "spinster of Linwood" when she acquired property in the town of Riverton, South Australia in 1941.
The Horgan siblings c. 1940 Catherine (Kate) Tom and Jack, Andrew is seated

Catherine, or Kate as she was known, was the fourth child born to John Horgan and Honora O'Leary in 1872 and the eldest surviving daughter. Older brothers Thomas and Andrew were young lads aged 6 and 3 when Kate arrived. She was followed by John (known as Jack) in 1875, Johanna in 1877, and Honora (known as Nora) in 1878.

Kate's early years on the farm would have been busy with household chores allocated to the children as they grew. The shock of her father's death when she was only 11 years old propelled the boys into taking responsibility for the farmwork so any yard work such as looking after the chickens and vegetable gardening would probably have fallen to her. As the eldest daughter, she would also have had responsibility for helping her now widowed mother with the younger ones.

It was not until Kate was 34 in 1906 that the first marriage in the family occurred. Her elder brother Andrew wed in February of that year. By then her mother was 65 and with the help of Kate and Johanna was cooking, washing, and cleaning for the men of the house. Youngest sister Nora had taken up a teaching role and by 1909 had married John McInerney.

After 1909 the household on the farm at Linwood comprised of Honora the mother, Tom and Jack, Kate and Johanna. In 1918 there is one mention in the newspapers of an accident which we can understand involved Kate. It is probable that she was staying for quite a while with her younger sister Nora (McInerney) who had just given birth to her fifth child.
 Kate was driving a sulky as detailed in this report.

The Register (Adelaide, SA : 1901 - 1929), 30 May, p. 6. , viewed 12 Dec 2021,

It was unlikely to be the younger sister Johanna as her health was poor. She died after a long illness in 1926. Her elderly mother Honora, devasted by her daughter's death lasted only one more year and was also buried at St John's with her husband and daughter.
Ben Arnold on the binder at Horgan's Linwood farm c.1940

Kate, Tom and Jack remained on the farm until 1941 but the work was too hard for the aging brothers so the Arnold brothers had taken over the farmwork.  Tom was approaching 75 when the property transfer to Kate in Riverton occurred in August of 1941. By September he had passed on. Kate and Jack moved to Riverton to Moorhouse Terrace. I do not know if Tom lived there or if he had been moved into the hospital. Kate cared for John but unfortunately, he also died in the following year at the relatively young age of 67.

Brother Andrew moved back to the farm at Linwood with his sons Eddie and Joe. Kate's youngest sister Nora, whose husband John McInerney had died in 1948, moved into Moorhouse Tce. with Kate. Kate's McInerney nieces cared for her in later years.

Riverton house

After a lifetime of caring for others, Catherine Mary Horgan died on June 24, 1956. She was laid to rest alongside her parents and brothers in the St John's Cemetery outside Kapunda.

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29 November 2021

Closing in on the Bennetts

The O'Dea Album

These photos are from my grandmother's album and have provided a puzzle yet to be solved. My DNA results indicate that I am related to a descendant of this Clement Bennett but I have yet to work out how he was related to my maternal grandmother Georgina Ellen Bennett (O'Dea). Was he her nephew?

Monnie and Clem as they were labeled in the album, were the children of John Raymond Bennett and his wife Margaret Bridget Healy. This couple had married in Hamley Bridge in January of 1918 when they were both 23 years old. John Raymond's father is listed as a George Bennett. 

Could this be gt-grandfather George Bennett, father to Mary Olive, Georgina, James and Ronald.

If John Raymond Bennett was 23 when he married in 1918 that suggests the birth year of 1895. 
I have been unable to find a birth record for John Raymond Bennett in NSW, Vic or SA just as I have been unable to find a birth record for grandmother Georgina but indeed her father was George Bennett. Her elder sister Mary Olive was born in Broken Hill, NSW in 1888 where grandmother also claimed to have been born in 1890. 

By 1892 George Bennett and his wife Bridget Kelly were living in South Australia as their son James George David is recorded as born at Goodwood. Could John Raymond have also been born there and his birth unregistered? The Bennetts are next recorded in Edithburgh where another son Albert Ronald Victor (known as Ron) was born in 1902. Another move was made away from Edithburgh possibly before the birth of Mary Olive's son William Rose in 1904.
Mary Olive and Georgina both married Hamley Bridge men in the following years. That John Raymond was also married in Hamley Bridge, suggests a relationship.

Five children were born to John Raymond Bennett (c 1895 - 1962) and Margaret Healy 

Francis James - b. 9 November 1918 - d. 24 Nov 2012 - I have found no evidence of a marriage record for Francis
Joseph - b. 13 Jan 1921 - died just 2 days later
Vincent John - b. 30 Dec 1921 - died in Woomera on 24 Apr 1968 as a single man
Monica - b. 11 Jan 1924
Clement Ronald - b. 2 Oct 1925

Monica and Clem

Monnie and Clem Bennett as titled below the photos

Monica Bennett married Stanley Whittenbury in 1948. 
BENNETT—WHITTENBURY. —The marriage of Monica, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Bennett, Hamley Bridge, and Stanley H. B, youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Whittenbury, Short street, Wayville, will be solemnised at St. Mary's Church, Hamley Bridge, at 10.30 a.m. on January 3, 1948. Reception at Dublin Hotel.
Clement Ronald Bennett married Elizabeth Cant in 1949
CANT—BENNETT. — The marriage of Elizabeth D. (Bette), daughter of the late Mr. G. and Mrs. S. G. Cant, to Clement R., youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Bennett, both of Hamley Bridge, will be solemnised at St. Marys Church, Hamley Bridge, on Saturday, August 27, at 7 p.m.

Clement died in 1997 and is buried with his wife in the Bremer Road cemetery in Murray Bridge, South Australia. Their headstone can be viewed here at Find a Grave.

 My DNA match at 176 centimorgans on Ancestry is a grandchild of Clement and Elizabeth. If Clement and my mother were first cousins that would certainly explain the presence of those photos in my grandmother's album. I have sent a message to the DNA match. All comments and suggestions are welcome. Perhaps one of my siblings can provide an answer.

If you are a descendant of either Clement or Monica I am happy to send you copies of these photos at a higher resolution.

1948 'Family Notices', The Advertiser (Adelaide, SA : 1931 - 1954), 1 January, p. 8. , viewed 29 Nov 2021, http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article43750613

1949 'Family Notices', The Advertiser (Adelaide, SA : 1931 - 1954), 20 August, p. 20. , viewed 29 Nov 2021, http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article36682306

This post first appeared on earlieryears.blogspot.com by CRGalvin

Family update 2022

My Parents' 76 Descendants The birth of a great-nephew (son of a nephew) Finn James C. last week has prompted me to do a recount of my p...