27 May 2018

Tiny cards, lots of memories

School day memorabilia

Twelve 4cm x 7 cm holy cards dated 1963 -1967
How many memories can be stored in a 4cm x 7cm space? 

Nowadays our digital memory cards are a fraction of this size and can store megabytes of information but fifty years ago these tiny four cm by seven cm holy cards were used to express friendship and share memories.

Today while sorting through a “Do not discard” box of correspondence I had labelled years ago, I unearthed more than thirty of these small treasures from my school days. It is fifty years since I left secondary school and recently I set up a Facebook group for our graduating class to help celebrate that event. Twenty eight of that cohort of fifty four are members of the group and many have contributed their photos and memories from times past. I was not able to attend the physical reunion in January but have enjoyed managing the virtual reunion.

We’ve shared sports programs, photos from a variety of events as well as newspaper clippings and other memorabilia such as exam papers, invitations and awards. Memories shared via Facebook were also shared in a folder over at Box for those class members not on Facebook. There are currently 91 files in that folder and today I’ll be adding another four including these scans. These were difficult to line up on the scanner bed and just too many to scan individually, so apologies for rather haphazard angles.

The cards were very popular amongst the boarders particularly for birthdays, end of term and end of year. Each term we were allocated to a new table in the dining hall so the 85 -100 boarders got to know each and every person in the boarding house no matter the grade level. (numbers varied through the years) Some cards comment on sharing tables, sharing study spaces or being accommodated in the same dormitories. Boarders "free weekends," known in other places as exit weekends, were occasions when one could return home. These occasions were sometimes a source of card comments.

What a treasure trove of school day memories, so glad I labelled that box "do not discard" all those years ago.
Twelve 4cm x 7 cm holy cards dated 1963 -1967 reverse side of those above

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