2 February 2016

Celebrating 50th wedding anniversaries

In 1987 my parents Hannah O'Dea and Edward John Horgan celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary with a Mass and family gathering of their children and grandchildren. Many of the grandchildren in this photo now have children of their own.
50th wedding anniversary 1987
Fast forward to 2016 and during this next period of a month, two of Hannah and Eddie's children and their husbands celebrate their 50th wedding anniversaries. Congratulations, Bernadette and John, Monica and Ernest.

February 2nd 1966

One month later
March 1st 1966
Other wedding anniversaries amongst the siblings this year, two 48th anniversaries, two 45th anniversaries and one 38th. Happy days to all. Glad I don't still have that dress with the lace down the front of the bodice, and gloves, what was I thinking! Did we all wear them in 1966?

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