29 April 2020

Youth and yesteryears

So many stories of ancestors and relatives are mentioned in the newspapers of the past. During April 2020 for the A - Z blog challenge, I am listing the types of stories or information I have found in newspapers with examples for each letter of the alphabet. My clippings include a variety of articles about relatives of my children's ancestors.

The indiscretions of Youth may be captured in the news of the day. A driving fine, riotous behaviour or poor decision making. Young lives taken too soon are accounted for in accidents and illnesses.

The posts throughout this series have covered what I refer to as the Yesterdays and Yesteryears of the Galvin and Stirling lines in the family. Here's a timeline of some of the key events, places and years mentioned in this A - Z series. The variety of types of information gathered from articles indicates the value of newspaper research in reconstructing our family histories.


1842 - 1859 David Crosbie's tailoring business - New Zealand
1860 - 1890 Michael Galvin's immigration and subsequent bankruptcy - Sydney, NSW
1874 - Arrival of the Walmsley family via the Hydaspes and subsequent quarantine - New Zealand
1886 - A bankruptcy in New Zealand - EJW Payne
1887 - Edward John William Payne's gold explorations - Western Australia
1894 - Death of Michael Galvin - Sydney, NSW
1898 - Charles Edward Stirling and family attend court to retrieve their dog - Glebe, NSW

1902 - John Patrick Galvin and family move - Adelaide SA
1906 - John Michael Galvin passes a piano exam - Adelaide SA
1906 - John Patrick Galvin travelling photographer has a lucky escape - Casterton, Victoria
1909 - Grace Walmsley Payne - credit in music - Ballarat, Victoria
1910 - Marriage of Norman George Payne to Rosie Maude Briggs - Adelaide
1913 - Marriage of Natalia Cecelia Payne to John Lynch - Adelaide
1915 - 1917 John Michael Galvin and Grace Payne perform in the Literary Society - Adelaide, SA
1917 - Marriage of Edward John Payne to Kathleen Hourigan- Adelaide
1917 - Marriage of John Michael Galvin and Grace Walmsley Payne - Adelaide
1918 - Death of Cornelius Gothard at age 80 - New Zealand
1923 - Death of Catherine Galvin and sale of her household goods - Adelaide SA
1923 - Agnes Stirling end of marriage - Sydney, NSW
1927 - Photo: John Patrick Galvin appointed JP and Grand President of Hibernians in SA - Adelaide
1929 - Gordon Wallace Stirling of Glebe Point, NSW appears in wage case
1932 - John Michael Galvin, Federal secretary of Locomotive engine driver's union - Victoria
1933 - Wage inquiry involving William Francis Galvin - Adelaide SA
1934 - Death of Edward John Payne
1935 - Death of David Payne in Railway accident
1938 - John Dominic Galvin in aircraft crash
1940 - Marriage of John Dominic Galvin and Phyllis Yvonne Stirling
1940 - Death of Bridget Galvin - Randwick, NSW
1944 - Death of Francis Leo Payne by electrocution
1944 - Death of Kevin Francis Galvin on active service in England
1946 - 1955 Life in the Blue Mountains JD Galvin and family - NSW
1947 - John Michael Galvin appointed Conciliation Commissioner
1952 - Marriage of Kathleen Mary Galvin to Francis Mercovich
1954 - John Michael Galvin appointed Public Service Arbitrator
1954 - Death of Gordon Wallace Stirling
1970 - Photo:John Dominic Galvin entertains in Loxton, SA
1978 - Photo: Gerard Galvin CSM, Darwin, NT

sources: Trove, Papers Past, own family collection

 This post first appeared on earlieryears.blogspot.com by CRGalvin


  1. I also chose youth for my letter y -- the youthful pastimes my childhood friends and I engaged in. But you are correct -- yesteryear is the predominant setting in which we genealogy bloggers work, and that is quite a timeline of your ancestors' newspaper presence!


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